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About Us

Our Story


SIX has been performing classic rock and roll since 2005, when Walter (lead guitar and vocals) first approached John (bass and vocals) about putting together a band.  They quickly recruited Scott (drums), Bruce (rhythm guitar and vocals), Steve C.  (percussion and vocals), and Wendell (keyboards).  Steve B. (keyboard and vocals) joined a couple of years later after Wendell sadly passed away.

The band quickly became a go-to group for north suburban Boston area private parties and dances benefitting local schools, churches, reunions, service organizations, museums and other deserving causes.  More recently, our friend Penny has joined us to provide female lead vocals.  The band has well over 100 songs in its repertoire, representing the best of danceable classic rock popularized by American and British artists, from the 1960s through the 1990s and beyond.  Plus we have a softer side suitable for cocktail parties.

We get together weekly for fun and practice, and we perform publicly about once a month.  All told, it is one heck of a SIX life!

Why We Are “SIX”

It turns out that choosing a band name can be quite challenging!  After much discussion, we settled on SIX because a) there were six of us at the time, b) it opened up possibilities for double entendres (e.g. the unfortunate one above), and c) one or another of us had rejected everything else -- more than 50 great name possibilities!  Such creative candidates as Male Pattern Badness, just because a couple of us were sensitive about receding hairlines.  

Oh well!  We failed to anticipate future possible changes in our number, but it is too late to go back.  And now we are SIX (with apologies to A.A. Milne)!

Our Influences and Repertoire

Some of our favorite bands to cover include:  the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Tom Petty, the Pretenders, Santana, the Kinks, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young, the Turtles, Credence Clearwater Revival, U2, Matchbox 20, more Stones amd Beatles, the Who, David Bowie, PattI Smith, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Bonnie Raitt, the Animals, Tommy Tutone, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, the Replacements, the Clash, various Motown artists, and many more.  We got started in the early days of FM stereo radio, and we kept with it 

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